Rue de la la la

Will you go for a walk with me. So you can share more of your thoughts with me, from which I can learn. Inspire me, challenge me to question the doctrine of simplistic egoism, teach me how to maneuver within the vertical top-down stubbornness of the structures we’re inclined to submit ourselves to if sought to be judged mainstream, avoiding the label of outcast, or worse, treachery for questioning the intention of the powers which claim to protect the greater good.

There is a war in my head. A war of words, phrases, frustrations, desires, to speak, write, or just pack and go, create change but I don’t know how, so I stand still, float with my head under water in the bathtub of this luxurious hotel room I do not need nor deserve but abuse nevertheless, to escape from the daily routine of trying to satisfy everyone but humanity.

Maybe I should put on my boots and walk down Rue de la Loi on this late Sunday afternoon, to Parc Leopold, to share the bread I took from home with the ducks in the pond? Perhaps they can help me find peace with myself in this world I don’t think I will ever comprehend sufficiently to contribute to.


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