Dans ta tête

I’m sorry. I tried to sneak in unnoticed and live inside your head. Not to bother you, by no means would I want to disturb the extraordinary maneuverings of your contemplations, interrupt the formation of your thoughts, intervene in the sacred soil of your skull which harvests seeds of soothing wisdom. I meant to enter invisible and in silence, rest myself gently within and admire the grand workings of your philosophies, watch the master design – the legendary clockwork hidden in your head.

I tried to sit still, like a studious pupil, my eyes following each micro-movement, with a curious alertness, afraid to miss even the slightest bit of observation. One day, perhaps one day, I will comprehend what I now see and be able to apply such an exquisitely intelligent operation to the war-zone in my skull. If I promise to be quiet, could I please take refuge in your head? It won’t be permanent, don’t worry, just for a while, until I find the key to master peace inside my own.


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