Faith in progress of my death

To the day
To the noise
The unnecessity

Without a cause
Yet  causation
Leads to frustration
Lack of control
Over me
Myself, my thinking and beliefs
Interruption of emotions
Disbalance of all me’s

Two bodies he said I have
His hand embracing mine
Guiding me towards reflections
I see not this face nor shine

Non awareness of my presence
Helps me not become
Or change my way of being
Carry me for I know none

Comfort unconditioned
Not on guard as I seek rest
Trustworthy of this being
Behind me safe his chest
No worries and no thinking
Sleep I shall or shan’t no quest
Where I am or stand or living
Faith in progress of my death

What will be of me sweet sorrow
Scars collected for tomorrow
To remember, to forget


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